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Program Reviews: Pay-per-Sale (Affiliate)
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Company Overview:
(Note: this program has been discontinued. This review will remain listed in the off chance that it returns)., more commonly known as Publisher's Clearing House, offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn 15-20% commissions on all referred sales of magazines you make.

Program Details:
Sales are tracked through LinkShare, a third-party affiliate management solution. By using Linkshare technology, is able to offer what they call a 30-day referral credit. This means that if the visitor you referred does not purchase on the first visit, but rather comes back later, you will still receive credit for referring the sale if 30-days have not passed.

An additional benefit of is that as an affiliate you will receive a free magazine subscription of your choice once you have referred $100 in sales (note, sales not commissions). A variety of graphics are made available for your use, and commission tracking is also provided by LinkShare. Checks are issued quarterly once $50 in commissions have been accumulated.

Visitor Feedback:
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